» » [Full HD] Amiee Cambridge - Amiee Cambridge - SiteRip-00:39:46 | All Sex, Taboo - 1,7 GB

[Full HD] Amiee Cambridge - Amiee Cambridge - SiteRip-00:39:46 | All Sex, Taboo - 1,7 GB

[Full HD] Amiee Cambridge - Amiee Cambridge - SiteRip-00:39:46 | All Sex, Taboo - 1,7 GB

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More Than a Handful
I walk in to the kitchen to find my step-mom sitting on the phone with my dad. She's arguing with my dad over how he is going to be away on a business trip for the next 2 weeks, and he expects her to watch me! "You want me to entertain YOUR son for 2 weeks?!? Ugh..." she says in to the phone. She angrily hangs up the phone, and then she starts yelling at me. Her bathrobe is open and her big tits are exposed, so I tell her to cover up! "What? You don't like them?!" she asks me. She takes my hand and tells me to grab them. "Come on! Just grab my tits!" she demands. I keep grabbing her tits because I'm nervous around my step-mom who keeps telling me to squeeze her new tits! She notices that my cock is starting to get hard in my pants, and she tells me "That's nothing compared to your fathers, but I can make that work..." She throws her bathrobe on to the floor, and she is wearing nothing besides tiny red panties. I reach out and I pull her panties all the way down to the floor. She sits down in the kitchen chair and she spreads her legs for me. I walk over to her and I stick my throbbing cock inside of her pussy. I keep fucking her pussy until I accidentally cum inside of her pussy! "Luke... What did you do?!" she gasps. "I'm sorry! I told you that I didn't know what I was doing!" I cry out.

I Dare You To Do Just The Tip
I walk in to the living room and my step-mom is sitting on our red, leather couch in a tiny pair of panties and a little crop top shirt. Her legs are spread as she lifts up her shirt and she starts to play with her new, big tits in front of me. "I feel like you didn't give me your best performance the other day, so let's try again..." she suggests to me. "How about we play a game? Let's play truth or dare, and you can dare me to only put the tip of my cock in!" I insist. "Okay, I guess we can do that," she agrees. She pulls her panties off and she pulls her legs back, so I can see her clit piercing. I stick the tip in and my step-mom decides to cheat by taking her hand and shoving my cock inside of her. "Hey! That's cheating!" I cry out. However, I continue to just go with it, and I keep fucking her pussy. "That's a good boy, Luke! Help your step-mom not get bored!" she smirks. After fucking her pussy in the missionary position, I flip her over in to the doggy style position. I start to fuck her pussy from behind and I ask her if I'm doing it right. "Yes, you're doing it right!" she moans, as she cums on my cock.

Stuck To The Couch and Fucked
My step-mom lost the remote inside of the couch cushion, so she sticks both of her hands inside of the couch to reach for it. When she goes to pull her hands out, she realizes that her hands are stuck inside of the couch! "Luke! Can you please help pull me out?!" she cries out. I walk over to her and I offer to help pull her out of her clothes instead. I lift her shirt up and I pull her big tits out, and then I pull her panties down. I take my cock and pull it out in front of her; I start to jerk my cock off while looking at her body. I walk over to her face and I get her to give me a blowjob, to make my cock fully hard! After a few minutes, I go behind her and I start to fuck her pussy in the doggy style position while her hands are still stuck in the couch. I keep fucking my step-mom until I eventually pull her hands out! Then, I flip her over on to her back so I can finish in the missionary position. "This is so much better now that I'm free!" she exclaims. She grabs her tits as I keep fucking her MILF pussy. "Just like that!" she moans, as she cums on my cock. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in her mouth and all over her face. Then I hand her the remote that I had been hiding the entire time. It wasn't really in the couch after all!

Amiee Cambridge

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