[HD] Butt3rflyforu - butt3rflyforu a bet you cant win - ManyVids

[HD] Butt3rflyforu - butt3rflyforu a bet you cant win - ManyVids
[HD] Butt3rflyforu - butt3rflyforu a bet you cant win - ManyVids


This is a custom video. The name Christian is used throughout. It is based on a young guy in a rich boarding school that has an ongoing bet with the entire school. It was played over the school's intranet and all the students are betting against you! They are betting that you can not hold back from sex or masturbating for 30 days! You have managed to come down to the last 30 minutes and the pot is worth millions if you can last another 30 minutes!!! You have your best friend tie you up to your bed so you can not touch yourself and you lock your bedroom door so now one can get it!!!! But to your shock, in walks in your HOT, STACKED MILF World History teacher that gets a key from the janitor! Your eyes pop out of your head at the site of me. I am wearing a sexy pencil dress with a push up bra and sexy fishnets and stripper heels. Your cock is already hard and throbbing just at the sight of me. I come in, shut the door and I know about the bet. I say to you wouldn't it be a shame if you lost millions in the last 30 minutes to your hot teacher? I begin teasing you with a sexy striptease, rubbing my hot body all over your tied down body!!! I slowly strip down to my bra, tiny panties, fishnets and heels. I sit down and tease you with my freshly painted red toes. You have always starred at my red toes!!!! You love my legs and feet alone, but to now see me naked has you almost over the edge. I begin taking your pants and and your underwear. I see how hard you are throbbing. Clearly you have not cum in a month!!!! Your balls are so huge and full! I begin giving you a hand job and change to a foot job. I already see precum leaking out! You are trying your hardest to hold in that cum....15 minutes left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grab some baby oil and cover my tits in it....you can see my tight body glisten over top as I sit on you! I tell you that I think I am going to ride the millions literally right out of you!!!! I slowly begin rubbing your cock on the outside of my pussy, you are trying your best, but I can see the fear of losing in your eyes....I slip you inside of me....feels so good .......riding my hot , young student's cock....OMG 1 minute left!!!! Can you hold it????? Or do I milk your cock out of millions? ENJOY!

MILFs, Garter & Stockings, Teacher Fetish, Female Domination, Foot Fetish

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